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Wyvern's Way by Gus Marx. The first ever solo adventure for Legendary Lives showcases a world of possibilities. Just create a character and go. It's a great introduction to the game and a fun story for anyone who plays heroic fantasy. Gus will be watching for your comments. Show him your support by dropping him a line. NEW!

The Illustrated Boneworld a supplement for Lost Souls by Richard S. Sanders

ART Engine an update to the core system used in Lost Souls and Legendary Lives NEW 2013 version!

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About This Site

Welcome to my Haunted Attic. My name is Joe Williams, and this is the place where I store all the things that rattle around my head long after they should be dead.

This web site began as an archive of the paper and pencil roleplaying games I co-wrote in the 1990s. You'll still find Lost Souls and Legendary Lives under the Roleplaying Games category. Since then I have expanded it to be a repository for all the various odds and ends I have created over the years. They're all offered here for free.

This site also benefits from the fantastic work of Sean McCulskey, Gus Mark and Richard Sanders. Their contributions have helped expand the games and keep the site stocked with fresh material. My gratitude goes to everyone who has contributed. Thank you all!

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What keeps me working on this site is the occasional email I get from someone who has enjoyed one of my games. Please write me and let me know what you think about the games and stories I have posted here. It'll make my day! Email Joe Williams at:

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