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In Legendary Lives, you'll play a hero in a fantastic realm of epic adventure. You'll pit your spells against the magic of powerful sorcerers, wield mighty weapons in battle with mythical creatures, and explore a richly textured world filled with sinister cults and strange societies.  Legendary Lives stresses fast action and storytelling, helping you recapture the excitement of your first role-playing experience.


Fan Material

The following support materials have been contributed by fans of the game and are used with permission.


Author's Note

Legendary Lives was always the most popular game that I would run at conventions. It has a generic fantasy setting that anyone with a little D&D experience can relate to, allowing new players to dive in without a lot of explanation about the setting. This is an early GM diceless game, first published in 1990. Rolls are all expressed in words, not numbers, giving any action ten possible results ranging from Catastrophic to Awesome. The enjoyable character creation lured players in, but it was the strength of the system that sold games.

Publishing History

The first edition of Legendary Lives was published by Marquee Press in 1990, and was the company's first product. It comprised two books:the Player's Primer and Referee's Rulebook. It was followed by  the Societies Sourcebook in 1991. In 1993, Marquee Press released the second edition of Legendary Lives, which combined material from all three prior book into one volume while making significant changes in the combat and magic systems. In 1999 I briefly made the second edition available online, and have made it available again here.

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