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Lost Souls RPGLost Souls 2nd Edition 1992

Lost Souls lets you mock death in the comfort of your own home. Return from the dead as a lost soul striving to collect Karma. With daring and wit, you’ll be reborn a higher being. But don’t lose your Will to Live too soon, or you may come back as pond scum! Only an ingenious use of your supernatural powers will see you through the postmortem mayhem of Lost Souls.

Lost Souls was the first role-playing game for adventures in the afterlife. Intuitive, consistent and highly playable rules make it easy to learn and fun to play. The unique premise and fascinating characters are unlike any other game. With Lost Souls, death is only the beginning.


Fan Material

The following support materials have been contributed by fans of the game and are used with permission.

Cemetery Plots cover


Lost Souls is an extremely satisfying product. Its premise is unusual, its characters exciting and its mechanics fun...I heartily recommend this game.            -Dragon Magazine

Lost Souls is unpretentious, fun-loving and open-ended...it is a game I heartily recommend.         -White Wolf Magazine

Author's Note

Lost Souls sold better than any other Marquee Press game, but it was much harder to play than Legendary Lives and is something of a novelty. Players in Lost Souls are incorporeal ghosts that require supernatural powers to interact with material objects. They can't walk through walls without using a power, so just getting out of a closed room can prove challenging. Many players were put off by the steep difficulties they faced, but at the same time, a good group could do amazing things. The creative use of powers made it so no two groups would ever solve a problem in the same way.

Publishing History

Lost Souls was first published in December 1991 by Marquee Press. The first edition was inexpensively printed with spiral binding and a black and white cover.  Good reviews and brisk sales made an update obligatory. The second edition was published in December 1992 by Sage Lore, but after a little while was subsequently sold by Marquee Press. In March 1994 Marquee Press published Cemetery Plots, the first and only supplement for Lost Souls.

After Marquee Press closed its doors, I revised the rules by incorporating Cemetery Plots into the main rulebook, eliminating inconsistencies between the two, and cleaning up some of the typos. I made this edition available online briefly in 1999. The rules presented here were updated again in 2007 and include many new enhancements and clarifications, especially involving character creation and setting up a campaign.

The rules for playing a mortal medium, last seen in the 1992 edition, have now been split into their own supplement called The Mortal Coil.

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